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Our future is in the books. Let’s turn the page of the climate crisis together.

Who We Are

Writers Rebel NYC is a group of writers, readers, librarians, and publishers working together to push back against climate change.

Our Beliefs

The mission of Writers Rebel NYC is to use non-violent civil disobedience and other actions to help halt mass extinction, advocate for environmental justice, and minimize the risk of social collapse as a result of our climate crisis, with special focus on the writing, reading, and publishing communities.

As writers, we undertake to tell the truth about the climate and ecological emergency and act as if that truth is real. We hold ourselves accountable to disrupting daily activities until this truth is recognized by the critical mass necessary to support transformative legislation and major collective action.


1. In the name of minimizing the risk of social and ecological collapse by achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, we pledge to commit our skills as writers to support existing decarbonization efforts and to hold the publishing community accountable.

2. In the name of organizing collective direct action to halt mass extinction and promote environmental justice, we aim to foster a collective writers’ response to the climate crisis, building an inclusive network that amplifies all voices, especially those from frontline communities most vulnerable to the climate crisis.

3. In the name of telling the truth about the climate crisis, we aim to position literary creativity, language, and storytelling as crucial means of inspiring courage, conversation, and action for our climate and environment.

How to Get Involved

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Join our year-long reading series focused on celebrating and protecting the earth.

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Use our hashtag #ClimateReads and follow us on Twitter and Instagram @XrRebelNYC and @BPL_Presents

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